Green Fan Cord-the Industry’s Only AC Fan Cord that is Thermostatically Controlled.

This Patent Pending design is revolutionary to the AC fan industry. Designed to simply replace your current fan cord, no additional wiring, circuit boards, controls boxes, or design changes are required. The GardTec Green Fan Cord will automatically turn your AC cooling fan on when the system heat rises, then turn it off when the system heat drops, allowing the fan to run only during those times when the system calls for additional cooling. Save energy, costs, reduce fan generated noise and increase product life.

Easy Installation, Plug in the Fan and Go… Controlling the internal ambient temperature of applications is critical to the proper functioning and life expectancy.

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SC40-P10 (Thru-hole)
SC60-P10 (Thru-hole) pdficon
SC120-P10 (Thru-hole)   SC120-P35 (Thru-hole)   SC120-P40 (Thru-hole)
SC80-P10 (Thru-hole)   SC80-P40 (Thru-hole)      
SC92-P10 (Thru-hole)            
SC162-P10 (Thru-hole)            
SC80-P30 (push-on sizes)            
SC92-P30 (push-on sizes)            
SC120-P30 (push-on sizes)            
SC127-P25 (push-on sizes)            

Green Fan Cord

About the Graphs
Applying a standard 120mm 115 Volt, 0.19 Amp fan: Electricity costs vary depending upon regional differences. The applied data indicates that the majority (75% plus) of fan users operate the fan 24/7. The typical application is estimated to be in actual use no more than 11.5 hours 5 days a week. The operational time estimated to be wasted energy is 66%, which then adds very significantly to the overall operational cost of the fan, as well as greatly reduces the typical life expectancy of the fan.The most cost effective method in controlling ambient temperatures is thermal management of forced air cooling. The maximum recommended ambient operating temperature of typical equipment is considered to be 85-88 degrees F. As ambient temperatures increase due to system usage, circuit component life is reduced by up to 45% for each additional 10-12 degree rise in ambient temperature. Product performance, service, life and reliability are in direct relation to ambient temperatures.

Daisy Chain
The GardTec Green Fan Cord is ideally designed to control multiple fans with a single thermostat. Typical applications would include fan trays, allowing for the fans trays to turn on as system heat rises, without additional costly controls.
Return on Investment
Immediately reduce system operational costs, accelerate and increase gains, all while recovering the initial cost in as little as 6 months.
Multiple End Connections Available
GHP25 ("T")   GHP50 (90 Degree angle)  
Part No. PDF   Part No. PDF  
GHP25-24 pdf   GHP50-24 pdf  
GHP25-36 pdf   GHP50-36 pdf  
GHP25-36P pdf   GHP50-24P pdf  
      GHP50-36P pdf  
      GHP50-48P pdf  
      GHP50-72 pdf  
      GHP50-72P pdf  
GHP75 (45 Degree angle)   GHP100 (Straight angle)  
Part No. PDF   Part No. PDF  
GHP75-24 pdf   GHP100-24 pdf  
GHP75-36 pdf   GHP100-36 pdf  
GHP75-24P pdf   GHP100-24P pdf  
GHP75-36P pdf   GHP100-36P pdf  
GHP75-72P pdf   GHP100-48P pdf  
      GHP100-72P pdf  

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