The Market's First Universal Exit Door Sign

GardTec, Inc., proudly introduces the markets first universal exit sign,

wire guards. These new designs (SC900-W1 & SC900-W2), solve long standing wall mount problems, with precisely positioned conduit openings that allow conduit to pass through from the top/bottom and left/right, without any guard modifications. Standard rear mount, coupled with our universal design ensure smooth and easy installation for the broadest range of applications.

The guards are designed for a universal fit, and easy installation into high traffic areas: gymnasiums, hospitals, manufacturing facilities, correctional

institutions, warehouses, and other similar locations.

GardTec exit sign guards will protect emergency exit signs and lighting from damage and/or tampering while ensuring they remain visible and functional during emergency situations.


The features and benefits of GardTec’s universally designed exit sign guards:


  • Universal Fit Design: The guards are designed to fit a wide range of emergency exit signs, making them versatile for use in various locations.
  • Conduit Compatibility: Designed to mount with rear electrical, top and side conduit to ensure a neat and flush wall mount.
  • Easy Retrofitting: Simplifying the retrofitting process. This design can be added to existing exit signs without guard modifications.
  • Durability: Manufactured using high grade steel 7/8AWG and coated with a tough erosion epoxy.
  • Most Aggressive Price Point in Market: 
    • SC900-W1 $19.00 (5pcs/Carton)
    • SC900-W2 $12.20 (10pcs/Carton)
    • SC900-W3 $10.45 (10pcs/Carton).


  • 10-Year Warranty-The Best in Market!


For more information, contact Chris Petersen, or by calling 262-634-5560.

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