Reticulated Fan Filter Foam Media

Gardtec fan filter media is designed to fit all standard DC and AC Axial fans in sizes 40-162mm

Gardtec Incorporated’s complete family of reticulated, fully open-pore, flexible polyurethane foam filters are designed for environmental applications where dust and various other airborne particulate and contaminants are present. The foam is characterized by a patented three-dimensional skeletal structure of strands which provide a constant 97 percent of void space and a high degree of permeability. 

Pore sizes of 30 and 45 ppi are controlled with a plus/minus 5 ppi. Flow and filtering characteristics have extremely low resistance to airflow. The higher the PPI number, the greater the density, allowing for higher particle collecting capacity. Standard temperature rages of -40 – 225F.  Filters are not affected adversely by water, soap, detergents, oils, cleaning solvents, or greases.

Electronics systems are protected from airborne contamination by foam filter pads installed the plastic fan filter assemblies. Absence of metallic particles in foam material precludes interference with equipment operation, helping prevent contaminant loading on circuit elements, which can cause electric leakage, faulty signals and static.

All Foam Filter is UL rated as UL94HF-1 for smoke generation.


  • Replaceable in all Plastic Fan filter Assemblies
  • Plastic Filter Components rated UL94-1
  • Foam Media UL rated UL94HF-1
  • Available is 30 and 45 PPI Ratings
  • Foam Media is Washable
  • Fits 40/60/80/92/120/162mm Fans
  • REACH/RoHS complaint
  • Low airflow resistance
  • 5 individual pieces per bag


  • SC40-M30/5
  • SC40-M45/5
  • SC60-M30/5
  • SC60-M45/5
  • SC80-M30/5
  • SC80-M45/5
  • SC92-M30/5
  • SC92-M45/5
  • SC120-M30/5
  • SC120-M45/5
  • SC162-M45/5

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