USA-Manufactured Fan Power Cords for Optimal Thermal Management

As the world’s largest manufacturer of electronic cooling fan accessories, Gardtec Incorporated is proud to offer our line of 100% Made in USA Fan Power Cords. Designed with precision for both standard and custom applications, our fan power cords ensure your equipment operates efficiently and lasts longer.

Cost-Efficient and High-Quality Fan Power Solutions Facing New Tariffs? We've Got You Covered

In light of the recent announcement by the Office of the United States Trade Representative, all fan power cords will now be subject to an additional 25% tariff. However, partnering with Gardtec means securing a cost-effective supply of fan cords manufactured in the USA, designed to keep your total costs as low as possible while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Customizable Lengths and Connections for Enhanced Equipment Performance Tailored for OEM Needs

Gardtec Incorporated is the official supplier to the electronics tubeaxial cooling fan market. Our fan power cords are engineered to fit all current tubeaxial fans, including both AC and DC models. With available lengths ranging from 3.0 to over 200 inches, and unlimited connection options such as polarized Red Tracer for DC applications and various NEMA plug configurations, we can meet all your design and functional requirements.

Efficient Thermal Management with Daisy Chain Cord Assemblies Streamline Your Setup

Our Daisy Chain Cord Assemblies are specially designed for systems requiring multiple fan connections. By allowing up to 10 fans to be connected with a single assembly, we optimize the efficiency of your cooling system, making it easier to manage and more cost-effective to run.
Reliable Lead Times and Ready Stock Fast Delivery When You Need It

With normal lead times from stock to 2 weeks, Gardtec is committed to quick and reliable service. Our ready stock ensures that we can respond swiftly to your needs, helping you avoid downtime and maintain continuous operation.

Learn More and Get in Touch

For additional details on our full range of Fan Accessory products, including Fan Power Cords and Daisy Chain Fan Cords, visit Gardtec’s product page. To discuss your specific needs or place an order, please contact Gardtec directly at 262-634-5560 or email

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