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SC40-P10 pdf

SC60-P10 pdf

SC80-P10 pdf SC80-P40 pdf
sc80-p10 sc80-p40

120mm Plastic Computer Fan Guard

Plastic Fan Guards offer Low-cost Protection.Computer Fan Guard

To view the guards please select your desired size from either the Thru-hole or Push-on sizes above. The guards will display in the window below. Scroll down to see additional guards in that size family. To see a printable PDF file of a specific fan guard, including dimensions and specifications, simply click on the PDF icon for each guard.

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SC92-P10 pdf SC92-P40 pdf
sc92-p10 sc92-p40
SC120-P10 pdf SC120-P35 pdf
sc120-p10 sc120-p35

SC120-P40 pdf
SC162-P10 pdf
SC80-P30 pdf
SC92-P30 pdf
SC120-P30 pdf
SC130-P25 pdf