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SC160-W1 pdf   SC160-W6 pdf
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SC36-W1 pdf
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SC25-W1 pdf


SC30-W1 pdf

SC80-W1 pdf   SC80-W2 pdf
sc25-w1 sc25-w1

SC80-W4 pdf   SC80-W5 pdf
sc25-w1 sc25-w1

SC80-W6 pdf          

SC80-W11 pdf  

Standard or Euro Wire Form Fan Guards

Wire Form Fan Guards- A Tremendous Selection

To view the guards please select your desired size from either the Standard or Euro sizes from the "pull down" menus from above. The guards will display in the window below. Scroll down to see additional guards in that size family.

To see a printable PDF file of a specific fan guard, including dimensions and specifications, simply click on the PDF icon for each guard. Also, we are now offering 3-D/CAD files available in either IGS or STP file formats (“Standard Fan Guard” sizes only). Feel free to download the viewers/readers by clicking on the logos below.

If you don't see what you are looking for please phone us at 262.634.5560.

SC35-W1 pdf
SC40-W2 pdf
SC50-W1 pdf   SC50-W2 pdf
sc50-w1 sc50-w2
SC60-W1 pdf   SC60-W2 pdf
sc60-w1 sc60-w2

SC60-W3 pdf  

SC70-W1 pdf   SC70-W2 pdf
sc70-w1 sc70-w2
SC92-W2 pdf   SC92-W3 pdf
sc92-w2 sc92-w3

SC92-W5 pdf   SC92-W7 pdf
sc92-w5 sc92-w7
SC120-W2 pdf   SC120-W3 pdf
sc120-w2 sc120-w3

SC120-W4 pdf   SC120-W5 pdf
sc120-w4 sc120-w5

SC120-W6 pdf   SC120-W8 pdf
sc25-w6 sc120-w8

SC120-W10 pdf   SC120-W13 pdf
sc120-w10 sc2120-w13

SC120-W14 pdf   SC120-W15 pdf
sc120-w14 sc120-w15

SC120-W16 pdf  
SC130-W1 pdf   SC130-W2 pdf
sc130-w1 sc130-w2

SC130-W3 pdf   SC130-W4 pdf
sc130-w3 sc130-w4
SC162-W1 pdf   SC162-W3 pdf
sc162-w1 sc162-w3

SC162-W5 pdf   SC162-W6 pdf
sc162-w5 sc162-w6

SC162-W8 pdf   SC162-W10 pdf
sc162-w8 sc162-w10

SC162-W12 pdf   SC162-W13 pdf
sc162-w12 sc162-w13
SC1000-W1 pdf   SC1000-W2 pdf
sc1000-w1 sc1000-w2

SC1000-W3 pdf   SC1000-W10 pdf
sc1000-w3 sc1000-w10
SC100-W31 (Euro 32mm) pdf SC100-W32 (Euro 50mm) pdf
sc100-w31 sc100-w32

SC100-W25 (Euro 75mm) pdf SC100-W20 (Euro 101mm) pdf
sc100-w25 sc100-w20

SC100-W13 (Euro 105.5mm) pdf SC100-W17 (Euro 105.4mm) pdf
sc100-w13 sc100-w17

SC100-W9 (Euro 120mm) pdf SC100-W14 (Euro 121.5mm) pdf
sc100-w9 sc100-w14

SC100-W28 (Euro 121mm) pdf SC100-W4 (Euro 128mm) pdf
sc100-w28 sc100-w4

SC100-W1 (Euro 150mm) pdf SC100-W41 (Euro 152.5mm) pdf
sc100-w1 sc100-w41
SC100-W12 (Euro 153.5mm) pdf SC100-W16 (Euro 153.5mm) pdf
sc25-w1 sc25-w1
SC100-W6 (Euro 162mm) pdf SC100-W2 (Euro 162mm) pdf
sc100-w6 sc100-w2
SC100-W18 (Euro 162mm) pdf SC100-W23 (Euro 162mm) pdf
sc100-w18 sc100-w23
SC100-W30 (Euro 162mm) pdf SC100-W15 (Euro 167.5mm) pdf
sc100-w30 sc100-w15
SC100-W26 (Euro 167.5mm) pdf SC100-W33 (Euro 176mm) pdf
sc100-w26 sc100-w33

SC100-W27 (Euro 178mm) pdf SC100-W40 (Euro 162mm) pdf
sc100-w27 sc100-w40
SC100-W7 (Euro 208mm) pdf SC100-W22 (Euro 220mm) pdf
sc100-w7 sc100-w22

SC100-W3 (Euro 240mm) pdf SC100-W19 (Euro 242mm) pdf
sc100-w3 sc100-w19

SC100-W10 (Euro 245mm) pdf
SC100-W5 (Euro 260mm) pdf SC100-W8 (Euro 290mm) pdf
sc100-w5 sc100-w8

SC100-W11 (Euro 295mm) pdf
SC100-W21 (Euro 360mm) pdf SC100-W24 (Euro 422mm) pdf
sc100-w21 sc100-w24